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Happy Birthday Mom

Mom with one of us three

Yes, this would have been Mom’s 63rd birthday if she were here with us. Mom was very fond of eating out. On birthdays, anniversaries, or at times when w e didn’t have any reason to celebrate, we all would pack ourselves into Papa’s Maruti 800 and head to a restaurant for a nice meal, which of course was followed by ice cream at Milkfood Sec.17, at Aroma’s after Milfood closed down, or towards the end, at the roundabout of Sectors 9, 10,16, & 17 .

For as long as I can remember, this is precisely h0ow we celebrated most occasions.These small celebrations were so gratifying that we never thought of other ways to celebrate. You may find this boring, but to us this meant the world.

Now, that Papa and Anu are in Chandigarh, Tina and I in Hyderabad, and our dear sister Radha all alone in Canada, we couldn’t repeat our ritual together. So while Papa and Anu headed to one of Mom’s favorite eateries, the Coffee House in Chandigarh’;s Sector 17, Tina and I went out for ice cream, something mom was crazy about and could have it at anytime of the day. Haven’t had a chance to talk to Radha so really don’t know what she did. But I guess she too would have done something that would make Mom smile.

Happy Birthday Mom, we all miss you.


A Damaged Car and a Fractured Pocket

How would you feel if you were made to shell out over Rs.10,000 for something you had nothing to do with? For the lack of a better word, pathetic. This is how Tina & I have been feeling since April 29, when our dearest Hyundai i10 was wrecked by falling debris because of a gas cylinder blast in the residential compound we stay in.
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Drove the Eye, Finally

Today finally I achieved a long cherished dream. A dream to drive a car, not any car, but one that I had bought myself, and not just drive, but drive alone without anyone else being there to tell me what to do.

At 32, this is a rather late start for me. While most people start driving a car by the time they are 15-16, but I didn’t want to drive my dad’s car. I was ready to wait till the time I got my own car. Though Tina and I have had the car for almost an year now, but my laziness and the fact that Tina is a very experienced driver and was more than happy to take care oif the driving bit, my job was only to pay the monthly installments.


Corporate Lessons: Anything but Fun

What follows is the lessons I have picked up along the way while working for multinational corporations during the last 10 years. Most of these are a complete opposite of what we are taught during our formative years, but believe me each one of them fits 100%. If I weren’t the “dead brain” I’ve become lately, I’d write down the reason for believing the way I do.
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Happy Father’s Day Papa

Silly me! Yes that’s what I’m telling myself right now! This past week I kept reminding myself that today (Sunday, June 15th 2008) is Father’s Day, and that I must wish Papa first thing this morning. But come Sunday and I seemed to have lost any recollection of the occasion. Its only now when I called Papa that he only reminded me that today’s Father’s Day.

No excuses to give so time to end the post! Good news is that Papa’s coming to Hyderabad on June 24th so I’ll get plenty of opportunities to make amends.
Silly me!