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Nokia E71: The iPhone Killer

To be honest, I had every mood to buy the Apple iPhone 3G when it launched in India, but the price of Rs.31,000 for the 8GB and Rs.36,000 for the 16GB version was a definite put off. Especially when you compare it to the price of Rs.8,500 ($199) if purchased in the US. But I needed more reasons to heal my now bruised ambition of not being able to buy an iPhone. Googled it and came up with aplenty ; on an iPhone, transferring contacts from the phone to the SIM card and selecting multiple contacts isn’t possible, neither is can one forward or copy-paste text are also non-existent in the iPhone.

No longer was I nursing a bruised ambition. On the contrary, I was rather proud of myself for not having spent hard earned money on the iPhone.
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