Monthly Archives: September 2013


Back to blogging

So it’s been over two years since I posted anything on my blog. No I have not been busy or anything even remotely close, it’s just that I have been lazy. Just thought of breaking this prolonged period of laziness and writing something which probably no one will read. But what the heck, at least, I’m writing.

A lot has happened since 2011 when I last wrote. Aly who came into our lives in April 2011 is growing up at the rate of knots, and both Dimple and I are running out of ideas to keep her occupied so that she doesn’t go back to her favorite task of ransacking cupboards and kitchen shelves! Kids are very ingenious, they always find ways to reach places where their natural height and reach doesn’t allow them to. Something interesting lying on the kitchen shelf, no problem, we’ll just get the center table stool and climb onto it to reach whatever it is that drew her attention in the first place. Be it raw onions, ginger, garlic, or the bottle of cooking oil, which by the way she’s already spilled once.

Papa’s wallet or mom’s dressing cupboard are fair game as well! Every evening she has to empty out my wallet and see what goodies lie therein. Though it’s just the regular cards and some cash. But her favorite target is Dimple’s office notebook which she loves scribbling onto, now that a scolding happens if she targets the walls.

On a different note, Dad passed last April five days after Aly turned one. Though death is inevitable, one never thinks it could happen to your loved ones. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him. More so because Aly is so much like him, her mannerisms, smile, the way she chews whatever little food she eats, the way she walks, and more than anything else her arms are miniature a replica of dads’. Thank God for this, just hope that she has also inherited the wisdom of her grandfather, because her father is still trying to find some of his own!