Monthly Archives: May 2008


Of Potty and chasing sleep

Yes, it’s 05:05 AM but no, I haven’t decided to start getting up early. It so happened that last Tuesday (20th May 2008) while on my way to work I slipped off my bike and suffered a fracture in my left knee, and at least a couple suture-worthy cuts on my left elbow. So I’m awake right now because last night i decided to skip the beemaron walaah khana and enjoy some fish and chicken tikkas, which I wasn’t able to digest in time for bed and, hence have spent the entire night begging God to rid me off the abdominal pain.

A couple trips to the portable potty did bear fruit but not the one I was looking for. Pudin Hara and heeng water did relieve the pain a bit, but sleep remained as distant as ever. Now as it is already 5 AM, I’ve decided to stop chasing sleep altogether. At least this way I’ll be able to lecture others on the virtues of rising early (that is once I’m able to figure them out for myself).

So unless God implants a new knee cap without me coming to know of it, this is how it is going to be for the next six weeks. In all probability, no one shall read this but I’ll continue to pen my experience.


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

How many of us thank our parents for what they’ve done for us. Right from bringing us into this world, giving us three meals a day, to ensuring that we wear clean clothes every day, and most importantly telling us the difference between right and wrong; things we’ve always taken for granted.
I don’t know about you guys, but I for one don’t remember thanking my mom while she was around, and I am pretty ashamed for not doing so.

Now I’ve realized the importance of doing so, and want to genuinely thank her, perhaps with a “Mother’s Day” card, but she isn’t around any more and nor does any courier service deliver to heaven.

If this note can convince even one of you to thank your mother, I’ll feel that I too have done it.