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Happy Birthday Mom

Today our entire family is celebrating my mother Pooja’s 61st birthday. To mark the day, we donated eatables, including ice-cream! and cash to institutions that provide food and shelter to the under privileged. But why give a special mention to ice-cream? Let me share an anecdote to justify the special mention.


Radha and I are nocturnal and often stay up late to watching TV. On one such occasion about ten years ago, we had the sudden and over-whelming desire to have ice-cream. As the clock showed 2AM, we we tried suppressing the urge, but failed, to the extent that from then on, never again did we try questioning ourselves whether to have ice-cream at unearthly hours.

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Marriage: A Drive, not a Destination

It’s only today that I realized how wrong I was. How far my perceptions about marriage were from reality thing. What I considered to be the end of all worries, were nothing but things even my sister and mother (God rest her soul in peace) did for me for ages. In reality, a marriage is a roller coaster moving along serpentine iron tracks at break-neck speeds that will not hesitate to throw you off if you loose concentration even for a second, unless your spouse lends a hand to help you hang on.

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How Rich Are You

The Internet never ceases to surprise me. Not a day goes by when I discover ten to fifteen new websites with cool content. Earlier during the day, I stumbled upon a website Global Rich List that tells you where do you sit on a list of world’s richest people. I am the 665,441,150 richest person in the world!

Global Rich List


Creating Flicks with PictureTrail

The online photo community has a lot to offer, image hosting, sharing, ordering prints etc. PictureTrail gives you that little bit extra that will surely have you ROFL. PictureTrail allows you to not only store your photographs not only as portrait or landscape, but also as flash slideshows (called Flicks). Here’s what I came up with.

Cool Slideshows

Convert Web Pages to Images

If you are a technical writer and have had to review websites/blogs then surely you would have missed a tool that would let you capture the entire web page as an image. Professional screen capture tools such as Techsmith’s SnagIT might be good fr capturing user interfaces, but it’s a real pain while converting web pages into images.

In this post, I am going to talk about Rowan Lewis’s Save As Image Firefox extension.

Use the Save As Image extension to save a page, frame, or parts of both. In Firefox, open the website you wish to capture and choose “Save Page as Image” from the context menu (also available via the File and Tools menus).

A save as dialog box displays, which you can use to mark the area you wish to capture, choose the desired format of the captured image (PNG, JPG, and GIF), and choose the quality of the image.