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Few and Far Between

This is the best way to describe the posts on this blog. I wrote the last post 17 Must Have Firefox Extensions on 20th June, and the one before that, A More Visual History: ThumbStrips Extension for Firefox on 14th June.

I know that’s awful, tell me something I don’t, I just might write about it!


17 Must Have Firefox Extensions

If you haven’t already, go ahead and read the 20 must-have Firefox extensions article by ComputerWorld.

Done? So fast? Any ways, let me get on with my post. Now that we are on the same page, I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t gave read it in the first place. Any ways, don’t use all the extensions reviewed in it.

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A More Visual History: ThumbStrips Extension for Firefox

Thumbstrip FilmstripThe History feature in a web browser comes in handy if you are trying to go back to a page you visited a while ago, but do not remember the URL of. Though you do remember how it looked. ; you can visit each web page in the browser’s history and spend at least an hour or two.

Alternatively, you can use the ThumbStrips Extension for Firefox It uses the in-built screen capture tool to capture web pages that5 you visit as an image. It also keeps track of the time you spent reading a web page and also your number of visits to that particular web page. How’s this to improve your productivity?

ThumbStrip Properties dialog boxOnce installed, open Firefox and press F2 to display thumbnails of web pages as a filmstrip at the bottom of the browser window. To move from one page to another, move your mouse over a web page’s thumbnai0l, to be taken to the next thumbnail. Right click on any thumbnail and choose Properties, a dialog box similar to the one below displays.

The Properties dialog box reveals other useful information such as, the time of your first and last visit to the web page, searchable text, and the web page title.

To install the ThumbStrip Extension for Firefox, visit the developer’s homepage.

Verdict: This is an excellent tool for people who like to remember the design and layout of a web page, rather than memorizing it.

Commentary WWW

Name Your Kid Google, or not

In India, it’s an age old custom to name children after famous film personalities, celestial objects, and even Gods; I’ve lost count of how many Shivas, Krishnas, Rams, or Surajs I have known in my life.

With the Internet becoming an integral part of our lives, do our future generations get to be named after popular website or service? This might sound strange,but it’s already happening.

Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration has named his son Google. I think Amit would have done this because he expects his son to epitomize Google. I really don’t know, and it really doesn’t matter, the kid is Amit’s son and he has every right to name his son whatever he wants. His son isn’t going to mind either.

Personally, I for one would not like to name my kid after something (Google) that doesn’t have any physical form!

Personal Tales from Hyderabad

When Birdbrains Call

Unsolicited calls have become a part and parcel of our life. It seems that we just cannot get rid of them. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recently issued new guidelines Under the new guidelines, a penalty of Rs 500-1,000 will be imposed on telemarketers for every unsolicited commercial call (UCC) made to subscribers registered with National-Do-Not-Call (NDNC) registry. In the US, such calls can make companies pay fines of up to $11,000 USD.

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