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A Box of Chocolates? No, you Dumb Ass it’s the Check!

As out time to leave Hyderabad approaches, we were keen to visit the ones that we haven’t visited till now. Dimple suggested 70 MM and that’s where we were headed, with Binoy and Nimmy who had agreed to spend thei5r Saturday evening with us. For the ill-informed, 70 MM is located on Necklace Road and is owned by the Ohri’s group of Hotels, who already have about 15 eateries in the city.

What welcomed us was a spacious campus which had the breeze from Hussain Sagar lake flowing through it. The Ohri’s management always likes to theme their eateries, 70MM was no different and it was based on the Bollywood theme. On stepping inside we were welcomed by a mannequin of Helen in her all revealing outfit, right opposite to an Amitabh Bachchan mannequin replicating that famous scene from “Amar, Akbar, Anthony” when he appears out of an egg shell. The walls were lined with posters from Bollywood movies of yesteryear’s.
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