Monthly Archives: September 2006


Airtel GSM Hyderabad sux

A month ago, Airtel Hyderabad gave me ISD facility without the usual Rs. 10,000 deposit. Very kind of them I must say. Since I was not using the service, I sent a message “ISD CANCEL” to 121 for discontinuing the service. Got a confirmation from them as well, can you believe that? Anyways, today while trying to make an STD call I got the message “This service is currently unavailable on your telephone.” I called up 121 (I just love calling that number only to learn that deactivating ISD also deactivates STD. So now I have to send another SMS to 121 to activate my STD which will get activated in 48 hours blah blah blah!!!! If that sn’t enough, hear this. My last bill was Rs.307 but Airtel GSM barred my outgoing calls. I found this very strange because in my wife hunting days I paid monthly bills of as much as Rs. 5,000, even remember paying Rs.10,000 once. here’s the icing on the cake: According to them, my credit limit is Rs. 34545, but they still found it prudent to cut my calls once my bill touched Rs.307.