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Tales from Hyderabad

Life Without Airtel

Some things are just too damn hard to swallow, let alone accept. These days, we’re trying to cope with the reality that after October 31st, when we move into our new flat, we will have to leave our trusted Airtel broadband, and choose another service provider.

Apparently, Airtel doesn’t provide services on road number 12, Banjara Hills, which I must add is one of the most sought after places in Hyderabad.

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Verify an E-Mail Address

I’ve always wondered if this were possible, after all an e-mail address doesn’t have an IP which you could ping and see if it actually did exist. But surprisingly, one can indeed validate an address without sending an e-mail to it.

The Lifehacker blog has a post about a service that connects to the respective e-mail server and checks if the user, format, and domain that form the e-mail address you specify do actually exist. I concocted five fake e-mail addresses and checked their validity using this service. The service was spot on and gave a “bad Request” message for each. This just might come in handy so worth including in < my account. (via Lifehacker)

Verify Email Address


Mistake or Oversight: CNN-IBN’s Yuvraj Special

yuvranj.gifIs it OK for the media to haul in shady characters to endorse the achievements of celebrities or achievers?

This is the exact mind-boggling question I’ve been trying to answer even since I watched a feature aired on CNN-IBN showcasing the life of Yuvraj Singh. As is the case with almost all down-memory-lane shows, the presenters brought in people who had known Yuvraj at various stages of his life- Dinesh Mongia who played for on the same team as Yuvraj; Billu, his childhood skating coach; and of course, Ranjit Bajaj, a childhood friend.

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Anuradha’s Blog

Better late than never!
My sister Anuradha has finally succumbed to the blogging bug.
She now has her own blog, or now, it’s on Blogspot (the only Google service that I hate) but I am hopeful that she’ll eventually switch to WordPress. I finally did convince her to move to WordPress.