Ramdev Against Black Money: Taught a Lesson

Last two days have been really entertaining, getting to see Ramdev’s ass kicked was real fun. The highlight was his claim about being like Mahatma Gandhi, this despite having tried to hide from the Police in a ladies salwar suite. I don’t remember any story of Gandhi doing even anything remotely similar.Ramdev deserves what he got, he tried to double-cross the Govt during his so-called fight against corruption and black money.. First he took permission for a Yoga camp, but started a hunger strike. Then after committing to announce the closure of his protest on the evening of June 4th, he backed off. Now after getting kicked, he’s claiming that Govt. wants to kill hum. This is hilarious!

Actually the peopleof India are to blame. He is a Yoga teacher, but we have made him God. Before pointing fingers at opthers, he should first explain where did he get the property and assets worth over Rs.2000 crores.

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