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Up ahead: Commonwealth woes Start now

As part of the preparations for the Commonwealth Games, Delhi Traffic Police will begin blocking one lane of several carriageways across the city to test a traffic plan that will be in force during the Commonwealth Games in October. The restrictions will be in place for all 24 hours of the day and are likely to stay in force till and during the Games.
Doesn’t the Delhi Traffic Police know that the traffic in Delhi is as it is chockablock, that it now plans to further congest it? While this plan may help ease commuting for the Game participants, what about the public?
My office is in Gurgaon, and I drive down the 45 KM from NOIDA in about 90 minutes (if I leave office before 5:30 PM). Unfortunately, a good portion of the carriageways where these restrictions will apply fall within the route I take to office. So my travel time is bound to increase substantially. Don’t even want to think b how much!
Why isn’t the media talking about this and what about the already suffering public that is about to be hit with yet more suffering?
If someone doesn’t create a noise about this soon enough, countless motorists such as I are doomed. Especially, if you take into account how impassible Delhi roads become just after 30-minutes of rain, imagine what will happen when the monsoon hits us with full force.

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