Monthly Archives: February 2008


Pay Structure and Tax Liability

newtax.pngDespite being on the job since 1997, I have absolutely no clue of why my salary structure is the way it is, how can it be different, and most importantly, how much is my tax liability and how can I cut it down.

I just received my tax statement from my employer, according to which I have paid about Rs. 27,000 this month. Unfortunately, there is more damage headed my way. Over the next two months, my employer will cut another Rs.70, 000 from my salary in two equitable installments.

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A Foodie’s Nightmare: Kabura Hyderabad

Being away from our hometown, we hardly have a friend circle to spend our weekends with. So more often than not, we end up at one restaurant or the other. As with restaurants elsewhere, we have mixed feelings; we’ve had stupendous meals at places such as Ohri’s Jeeva, Grill Room, 100 Degrees, Pickles, Our Place etc. In the same breath, we’ve had the grave misfortune of wasting our time, money, and appetites at places such as Havmor, Nanking, Okra, Serengetti, and the one we visited tonight for dinner, Kabura.
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