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Are we a Gutless Nation?

How many more of such stories shall we have to read before the Government will finally get the courage to let loose the army on these maoists/Marxists? How many more innocents will have to die on the very first train- journey of their lives. How many more citizens is the Government willing to sacrifice before declaring an all-out war on the naxalites?
This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, and unfortunately, this isn’t the last. The response too will be the same. The news channels will talk about this for 2-3 days, political parties will do mudslinging, and ultimately we will move till there is another bomb blast or aircraft accident.
Don’t know about you, but I am convinced that we Indians lack the courage to correct mistakes, and go after the people who perpetrate such attacks. I say Indians and not the Government, because it is us who don’t vote and allow such chickens to come to power.


Quit Facebook and Stop using Photocopiers

The latest buzz on the Internet is to celebrate May 31 as the “Quit Facebook Day”. There exists even a website that gives you the why and the how of quitting Facebook.

While you are at it, I recommend that you also stop using a photocopier, at least the ones that are strewn about markets across India. Buy a personal device such as the HP Photosmart C4200 All-in-One Printer, and henceforth use it to copy documents.

Here’s why:


Rs. 31 crore and counting

Rs. 31,000,000 is the amount that the Maharashtra government has spent in keeping Ajmal Kasab safe to face trial. Its anyone’s guess how much more will be spent before its Kasab’s turn to be hanged (provided death is what he’s sentenced to.)

The Times of India reports that before Kasab, the final fate of 50 other convicts serving death row needs to be decided. Obviously, there is no law that can prevent the government from jumping the line and deal with Kasab first. But being a democracy, our home minister Mr. Chidambaram has assured that his ministry will dispose of the cases on a “first come, first served basis. 

If Mr. Chidambram said this fearing a backlash by other people in the queue, then he need not worry. This, perhaps is the only queue in the world in which people would not mind being overtaken by others behind them.

Others on this list include people responsible for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the attack on the Indian Parliament amongst others. These two acts occurred in 1990 and 2001 respectively, but are yet to meet their logical conclusion. Kasab should take solace from this and should carry on enjoying the hospitality of the Maharashtra government. The fact that Kasab probably will be in solitary confinement and that too in an egg-shaped cell should not dampen Kasab’s spirits. On the contrary he should be thankful for being alive. If this has happened in China or even in the US, Kasab would have been hanged and buried by now.

Wonder when the political leadership and the Judiciary of India, realize that the certainty of the sentence is as important as its severity. Real justice will be done when Kasab and all others on death row get what they yearned for.



Its been almost an year since I published something meaning full on the blog. Though I have added some new posts, they are mostly snippets etc. i found via other blogs or websites.

So the question arises; is it time to shut down I think yes. Motivation is at an all time low, it seems as if I cannot write anymore.and it seems that I have lost whatever little writing skills i had.

Guess I’ll just let time take its course, the web hosting package for my site is paid for for another six months so i think it’ll stay for the time being.