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Select Files Using the Mouse in Windows Vista

selectfolders.gif There’s a feature in Windows Vista which I just can’t get enough of. I had aways hoped that some day Microsoft will include it in it’s operating systems. Well guess what, they just did!

Unlike, previous Windows operating systems, you can select files and folders using just your mouse. For reasons unknown to me or to anyone else for that matter, this feature will not be available in a fresh install of Windows Vista. To enable this option, in Windows Explorer, choose Tools-> Folder Options –> View (tab) and check Use check boxes to select items.

Now open any folder and move the cursor to in front of the file or folder and enable the check box. Similarly, repeat this procedure for all the other files or folders you wish to select.


Vista Sniping Tool: Screen Capture and Editor

Finally Microsoft has decided to include a screen capture utility in it’s Windows Vista operating system. To start the Snapping Tool, choose All Programs ? Accessories ?Snapping Tool.


Using the Snapping Tool, you can capture a screen shot (snip) of any object on your screen The best thing about snapping tool is that it doesn’t require any keyboard input. Using a mouse or a tablet pen you can capture snips as Free-form Snip. Rectangular Snip,Window Snip. and Full-screen Snip

To capture a screen, select the required snip from the drop-down menu adjacent to the New button, and click New. For the purpose of this tutorial I have chosen Rectangular Snip, you can follow these steps for any other kind of snip.To start the capture, hold the left-mouse button and drag the mouse to draw the required shape. Release the mouse after you have selected the snip The snip displays in the editor for editing.


Minalís Life Ravaged on Net, and in The Times Of India Too

Today’s Times Of India, Hyderabad has done a story on the creation of fake profiles on in Minal Panchal’s name. These pranksters are messaging Minal’s friend to make them believe that as Minal is very much alive, contrary to what the authorities have corroborated.

Well, apart from the pranksters on the Internet, a couple exist in the real word as well. Mr. Sajeev Kumarapuram, who ironically has written the above story. The journalist has shown his insensitivity, and that too in the very first sentence of the article. Here’s screenshot of the page:

An excerpt:

Minal’s life ravaged on Net too
Sajeev Kumarapuram | TNN Hyderabad: I’m back, says
Minal’s ghost from the loony world of cyberspace.

Is this how the mainstream media should refer to a departed souls? Isn’t this disrespectful? Even a class 4 child will be able to sense the disrespect the reporter has shown in this story. I doubt if a copy editor even had a read of this story before it went to the press? If yes, then the copy editor too, along with Sajeev be reprimanded in the true sense of the word.

There wasn’t any need to bring such distasteful humor in such a story, because this incident itself is so serious. I never knew Minal and even then am feeling so sorry at her demise, imagine how Minal’s family and friends would would feel if they were to read this.

As a human being, I can only suggest that either Sajeev should not write on such sensitive, or he should first learn what responsible journalism is.


Remembering Minal Panchal


Minal Panchal, whose desire to become an architect like her late father, brought her to the picturesque campus of VirginiaTech. All was well till the morning of April 16th 2007 when she along with 30 other students and faculty, fell victim to the bullets fired by a fellow student. That’s when I like so many others around the world heard about Minal Panchal.

Google’s is a popular online community especially amongst Indians. Being an Indian myself, I had a strong hunch that Minal too would have an account on Orkut, which indeed was the case.

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Resize Icons Fonts and Icons Using the Mouse in Vista

Resize Web Fonts using Mouse n Mozilla Firefox. To increase or decrease the font size of a web site, hold down the Ctrl key and move the wheel up to decrease the size, and down to decrease the font size.

In Internet Explorer (IE 6 and above)The mouse wheel-Ctrl key combinations works in IE as well, albeit with a small difference. Unlike Firefox, moving the mouse wheel up increases font size, and moving the mouse wheel down decreases the font size.

Bonus Tip: Via the Vista Reviewed blog

Resize icons quickly using your mouse wheel in Windows Vista:
The title says it all. Hold down Ctrl and move your mouse wheel up or down to enlarge or shrink your icons in Windows Explorer. When you right click an area of empty space in a Windows Explorer window, you are only given 3 different sizes to choose from.