Life Without Airtel

Some things are just too damn hard to swallow, let alone accept. These days, we’re trying to cope with the reality that after October 31st, when we move into our new flat, we will have to leave our trusted Airtel broadband, and choose another service provider.

Apparently, Airtel doesn’t provide services on road number 12, Banjara Hills, which I must add is one of the most sought after places in Hyderabad.

Before signing up to Airtel, we were using Hathway, which took us to the brink of madness each time we tried going online. So we know who not to take services from.

Finally, in June 2006, we embraced Airtel, and albeit with a pinch of salt because Airtel’s GSM services were nothing to write home about. So we were not wrong in expecting the worst. But Airtel broadband is completely reverse of its GSM sibling, and hasn’t caused us any trouble, barring the one time when a support engineer from Airtel asked me to switch to Windows XP as Airtel did not support Windows Vista.

Once we moved to Anand Nagar Khairatabad from Madhapur, our Airtel connection moved with us. In fact, it was the first facility to be up and running in our new house, even before the drawing room furniture and lighting fixtures.

The Internet is like the back bone of our life. Right from reading about Karva Chauth on Wikipedia, to reading movie reviews on IMDB before downloading them (thanks Rapidshare), to Tina checking out reviews of eateries in Hyderabad, and of course whiling away time on Orkut and Facebook; our Internet connection is what makes us feel at home.

It’s not that there aren’t other ISPs in the area we are moving to, BSNL, Beam Cable, Hathway, Sify who are offering Internet subscription, and at times even at prices lesser than Airtel, but I have my doubts about their service quality. On an average, I download 55-70GB every month using Airtel. If this isn’t an indication of Airtel’s reliability, then I don’t know what is.

For now, I think we will go in for Tata Indicom, and to make it work, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, I think I should do the same with every other crossable part of my body.

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    ya mate internet is so instilled in our life~~btw i use hathway net~~and airtel gsm service and both are workin fine for me~~~may be these services are good in bombay circle

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