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Caught the Eye

Every rose has a thorn! While this holds true, the inverse cannot be disputed either. My last week’s accident came as a brutal and unwanted surprise not only to me, but to my family as well. Travel plans were made in a hurry, and schedules are in place to ascertain who visits us when during my bed sojourn.
Anyway, let’s get back to the thorn, my accident. Though the injuries aren’t very severe, they can’t be ignored either. Most of my day is spent in bed, and trips to the bathroom can be quite painful. A proper bath is what I yearn for but scrub baths are all I have to make do with.

My First CarBefore the accident, Tina and I had initiated plans to buy our first car, the Hyundai i10, and the loan approval couldn’t have come at a worser time. On May 26th, I received a call that the loan was approved, and that I would have to travel to the bank to complete the formalities. Not a good situation at all considering the state I’m in. Thus began the two-day long process to get the bank to send the papers over to my house so that I may sign them. But no, they didn’t agree as their policies didn’t allow so. Finally it was a lie from the car dealers that made me sideline all personal pain and step out of the house. The staffer told that the loan validity was only 3 days, and that I’d have to reapply if I did not avail my existing approval within this period.

May 28th 3 PM, was when Tina, I and my wonderful in-laws set out in a taxi to the SBI zonal office in Secunderabad. While I and mom-in-law sat in the taxi, Tina and dad-in-law met the officials to find out if they could come down from their heavenly abodes (the bank was on the second floor) and take my signatures. Fortunately for us, they readily agreed. Two hours and fifty signatures later, with a draft for Rs. 3,60,000 in hand we headed to the dealer. In another hour or so, I finally got to sit it in my first car and after a short visit to the temple I returned home at around 9PM.

Yes, this six-hour stay away from he comfort of my bed was very painful for me, but in the end it was worth it. Given a chance I’d do it again without a wink of the eye.

Now as the car’s parked right below our balcony, I just can’t wait to hop in. For now though, I’ll have to make do with the passenger seat as I can’t drive for nuts) and allow Tina to take me on for the most pleasurable ride of my life.

Stay tuned to learn how I fair behind the wheel!


Of Potty and chasing sleep

Yes, it’s 05:05 AM but no, I haven’t decided to start getting up early. It so happened that last Tuesday (20th May 2008) while on my way to work I slipped off my bike and suffered a fracture in my left knee, and at least a couple suture-worthy cuts on my left elbow. So I’m awake right now because last night i decided to skip the beemaron walaah khana and enjoy some fish and chicken tikkas, which I wasn’t able to digest in time for bed and, hence have spent the entire night begging God to rid me off the abdominal pain.

A couple trips to the portable potty did bear fruit but not the one I was looking for. Pudin Hara and heeng water did relieve the pain a bit, but sleep remained as distant as ever. Now as it is already 5 AM, I’ve decided to stop chasing sleep altogether. At least this way I’ll be able to lecture others on the virtues of rising early (that is once I’m able to figure them out for myself).

So unless God implants a new knee cap without me coming to know of it, this is how it is going to be for the next six weeks. In all probability, no one shall read this but I’ll continue to pen my experience.


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

How many of us thank our parents for what they’ve done for us. Right from bringing us into this world, giving us three meals a day, to ensuring that we wear clean clothes every day, and most importantly telling us the difference between right and wrong; things we’ve always taken for granted.
I don’t know about you guys, but I for one don’t remember thanking my mom while she was around, and I am pretty ashamed for not doing so.

Now I’ve realized the importance of doing so, and want to genuinely thank her, perhaps with a “Mother’s Day” card, but she isn’t around any more and nor does any courier service deliver to heaven.

If this note can convince even one of you to thank your mother, I’ll feel that I too have done it.


Pay Structure and Tax Liability

newtax.pngDespite being on the job since 1997, I have absolutely no clue of why my salary structure is the way it is, how can it be different, and most importantly, how much is my tax liability and how can I cut it down.

I just received my tax statement from my employer, according to which I have paid about Rs. 27,000 this month. Unfortunately, there is more damage headed my way. Over the next two months, my employer will cut another Rs.70, 000 from my salary in two equitable installments.

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Anuradha’s Blog

Better late than never!
My sister Anuradha has finally succumbed to the blogging bug.
She now has her own blog, or now, it’s on Blogspot (the only Google service that I hate) but I am hopeful that she’ll eventually switch to WordPress. I finally did convince her to move to WordPress.