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Anuradha’s Blog

Better late than never!
My sister Anuradha has finally succumbed to the blogging bug.
She now has her own blog, or now, it’s on Blogspot (the only Google service that I hate) but I am hopeful that she’ll eventually switch to WordPress. I finally did convince her to move to WordPress.

WWW Blew Me Away

Actually this post is an update to the Blew My Fuse post. Before I share the reason for this update, I would like to apologize for writing CAPTCHA as captcha because it is an abbreviation and therefore cannot be written in lowercase. (Thanks for pointing it out Emily)

A while ago I got this comment from a staffer:

First of all, thanks for checking out Fuser and writing an honest opinion of what you thought. This type of feedback is what we need! Based on your feedback, we fixed our CAPTCHA last night. I hope that if you are willing to give Fuser another try, you’ll find a much improved CAPTCHA process.

Honestly, I got startled after reading the “First of all..” part of the first sentence. I thought this lady was going to blast me for doing a poor review of Fuser, and would demand that I remove the post right away, which certainly isn’t the case.

I’ve just finished creating my profile and as Emily said, the CAPTCHA was much easier to read. The use of contrasting colors in the new CAPTCHA has done the trick.

Though it’s been only 15 minutes since I added my GMAIL and FACEBOOK accounts to my Fuser profile, I am getting the feeling that Fuser looks quite promising. So, I am going to continue using Fuser till I run into the next hurdle, Of course, I will keep- providing feedback.


Upgraded to WordPress 2.3 Dexter

As always, the installation went off like a breeze. Tried upgrading using the plugin but something went horribly wrong and I quit in between. I tried this plugin while upgrading to WordPress 2.1, but it didn’t work then either.

In the end I followed the upgrade instructions on the codex pages. Maybe it’s the WPAU plugin, or maybe it’s just me, not to sure though.

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Personal WWW

IBM Employee Directory: Open to Public

Happened to pass by David Illsley’s post about IBM Employee Directory being available publicly. Using this directory, you can find out the official contact details of any of IBM’s 400,000 (approximate.) employees. Though David hasn’t used the exact words, it’s clear he isn’t too pleased about it.

Neither would I, but if and only if IBM were to make available my personal telephone number and e-mail. What IBM has made available is information it has allowed employees to use. So even though the email does have my name in it, I cannot consider this as invasion of my privacy.


Most expensive 10 MB in history

If I were to tell you that once upon a time, a 10MB hard drive cost $3495, you wouldn’t believe me would you?

Well, if this picture doesn’t convince you, then nothing can!

Most expensive 10 MB in history on

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