IBM Employee Directory: Open to Public

Happened to pass by David Illsley’s post about IBM Employee Directory being available publicly. Using this directory, you can find out the official contact details of any of IBM’s 400,000 (approximate.) employees. Though David hasn’t used the exact words, it’s clear he isn’t too pleased about it.

Neither would I, but if and only if IBM were to make available my personal telephone number and e-mail. What IBM has made available is information it has allowed employees to use. So even though the email does have my name in it, I cannot consider this as invasion of my privacy.


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    Thanks for the clarification Joe. Just some detail that I assumed that readers would know.

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    However, you have to know the person’s exact last name, you cannot search by position, first name, and wildcards do not apply to last names. For example, if your name is John Stevens, you will have to search for “Stevens” in order to see any result.

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