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Personal WWW

IBM Employee Directory: Open to Public

Happened to pass by David Illsley’s post about IBM Employee Directory being available publicly. Using this directory, you can find out the official contact details of any of IBM’s 400,000 (approximate.) employees. Though David hasn’t used the exact words, it’s clear he isn’t too pleased about it.

Neither would I, but if and only if IBM were to make available my personal telephone number and e-mail. What IBM has made available is information it has allowed employees to use. So even though the email does have my name in it, I cannot consider this as invasion of my privacy.


When Yuvraj Went Berserk

yuvrajsingh.jpgWhat happens when one Andrew Flintoff pisses off one Yuvraj Singh? Well, nothing much, only Flintoff’s bowling partner S Broad gets hit for six sixes of six balls!

I don’t know what Flintoff said, but whatever it was, it was enough to launch Yuvraj into a blitzkrieg of 58 runs of 16 balls, including seven sixes and three fours. One more thing, Yuvraj’s last six came off Flintoff’s bowling. The fact that ultimately it was Flintoff who got Yuvraj out, comes as small consolation for the Englishman. S Broad isn’t amused, not the least!


Welcome Home

welcomhome.jpgWell, my temporary return to bachelor hood will be over in another 12 hours or so, much to my relief. Tina is flying in later today and I’ll be going to pick her up.

The week, I’ve had to manage the house on my own. Then there was this daily challenge of deciding what to eat for dinner, and where to order it from. My cooking skills are nothing to write home about so I preferred giving others a chance, actually it’s more like beggars can’t be choosers. I ate pizzas, burgers or biryani on most days, but now I miss the simplistic meal of dal, chapatti and sabzi that Tina used to prepare with such enthusiasm.

But perhaps I missed her most was after coming back from work. Of course, I had the TV and the computer to hold my attention. Although they are good means for whiling away time, they can’t replace talking to a human being, and certainly not Tina.

Welcome home, you were missed!

My Gadgets

Portable Electric Blower

The best way to clean dust collecting inside your computer is to blow it away using a can of compressed air. But when I set out to get one for myself, I couldn’t. So I went in for the next best alternative, no I didn’t use my old toothbrush, I got myself a portable electric blower.


Of course it isn’t as pretty as this or this, but who cares, as long as it does the job, which it does rather well.

Here’s the scoop. While a can of compressed air say 1 KG might set you back anything between Rs.300-Rs.1000, the portable electric blower will cost just about Rs.500 and will last long, rally long. It works equally well for cleaning other electronic products such as TV, stereo, or music system.


Back to Being a Bachelor

Yes, starting today, I will once again get to live life as a bachelor, just the way it was before our wedding.Tina is off on a well deserved eight-day holiday to Noida and Chandigarh. I too wanted to go but as I’m in the middle of project transition at IBM, taking leaves is simply not an option.

So here’s wishing Tina a bye bye, have loads of fun and if possible, please do visit Delhi’s Lotus Temple, the place where we met for the first time after deciding to spend our lives together.