Welcome Home

welcomhome.jpgWell, my temporary return to bachelor hood will be over in another 12 hours or so, much to my relief. Tina is flying in later today and I’ll be going to pick her up.

The week, I’ve had to manage the house on my own. Then there was this daily challenge of deciding what to eat for dinner, and where to order it from. My cooking skills are nothing to write home about so I preferred giving others a chance, actually it’s more like beggars can’t be choosers. I ate pizzas, burgers or biryani on most days, but now I miss the simplistic meal of dal, chapatti and sabzi that Tina used to prepare with such enthusiasm.

But perhaps I missed her most was after coming back from work. Of course, I had the TV and the computer to hold my attention. Although they are good means for whiling away time, they can’t replace talking to a human being, and certainly not Tina.

Welcome home, you were missed!

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