Left is Anything but Right

Power cuts are a part and parcel of life in India. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or how rich you are, there just isn’t enough electricity to go around. Of course, using an invertor is a solution but not everybody can afford one.

Mistimed Protests

Now when the N-deal with the US is about to make uninterrupted power supply a reality , the red brigade is playing spoilt sport. Despite being consulted with at every stage, the Left doesn’t want the government to proceed with its operationalisation., which warrants the government to approach the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Nuclear Suppliers Group. Why didn’t they raise a red flag during initial consultations with the PM and his representatives? Unless some new clauses have been added at the last stage, the Left is being hypocritical. Historically communists the world over are against the US, these guys are no different.

False Sense of Responsibility
In the 2004 general elections, the Left combine won a total of 60 seats. But they justify their protest to the N-deal by saying that it is their responsibility to safeguard the interests of every Indian.

Hey, hold on a minute! Did they say every Indian? Shouldn’t it be more like every Indian living in West Bengal and Kerala? After all, these are the only two states where the Left have a presence. How can they extrapolate the limited mandate given to them by the people of West Bengal and Kerala to the entire country? If Indians did consider the left capable of providing good governance, we would help them win in other states and form a government at the center?

They are a part of the current government, but that is all they are. How can they claim that the people of India don’t want this deal to go through? If they feel so strongly about welfare of the public, why didn’t’t they accept ministerial berths after the 2004 general elections? Their support is what enabled Manmohan Singh to become prime minister, in return they could have asked and got any portfolio, but they didn’t and supported the government from the “outside”, go figure what that means?

The truth is that they are afraid of what will happen if something were to go wrong, which quite clearly is highly unlikely. If Indians have the intelligence to manage the best businesses in the world, then we also have the ability to judge what’s best for us.

So I would request all Left parties to stop crying like babies and listen to what the people actually want. The country needs cheaper and uninterrupted power, and Manmohan Singh seems to be the only man in a long long time who can make it happen.

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