Intolerable Cruelty at VirginiaTech

Have spent the last hour or so trying to gather my thought and do a post on this blog. But I don’t have words to express my sorrow at what’s happened at VirginiaTech. The only two words that I can think of are “intolerable cruelty”. What could provoke a 23-year old docile looking human being to kill not one but 33 people who didn’t even know him! I don’t think anyone can answer this question, and it doesn’t matter anyways.

An eye witness account of the incident on

“Shooter is an Asian male, showed up at his girlfriend’s dorm (it was co-ed) and shot her to death. He wound up shooting the RA as well when he or she attempted to investigate the gunshots. Two hours elapse where the campus is NOT locked down and authorities attempt to search for the gunman. Well gunman appears at an engineering building looking for his (now dead) girlfriend’s new lover, chains the doors shut, and proceeds to go classroom by classroom wearing a bulletproof vest and wielding 2 9-MM pistols opening fire on students and faculty alike. The current count is 32 dead, 29 wounded and the gunman dead to an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

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