Read this Before Buying a UPS

UPS is short for uninterruptible power supply, and that’s exactly what it does. It allows users to continue or complete on-going operations during a power outage. The keyword here is “uninterruptible” as the user can continue working normally without any hindrance.

But why do most UPS devices start making loud annoying beeps at short intervals during a power failure? This beep sound is so annoying that the user is left with no choice but to turn off the system and wait for regular power to be restored. I consider this as interruption, and ironically a UPS does just that.

Common logic states that a UPS should be silent and start beeping say 5-7 minutes before the battery is about to run out? On the brighter side, some manufactures have models that can be controlled through the operating system.

So if you are planning to buy a UPS in the near future, look for one that allows you to at least increase the beep frequency, if not disable it altogether.

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