Aardvark Extension for Firefox

<p>Since I have started using Mozilla Firefox, I’ve even removed the Internet explorer shortcut from my system’s start menu. The best part about using Firefox is that the user gets to decide how capable the browser is. that it depends upon you hoth9ing. As you get more familiar with it, you also get introduced to extensions, small add-ons that simplify or add features to the browser. I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox for over three years and feel that I am ready to do a series of posts on my favorite extensions.

My Firefox browser is powered by 25 extensions but I am not going to write about all of them. I will write only about the ones that I found to be most useful.

NOTE: This is the first of a series of posts on my favorite Firefox extensions, so just hang around.

Aardvark 2.0

The Aardvark extension for Firefox is a must-have web designers and developers. After installation, as you move the mouse over an element, say an image, a red outline displays around it with a small tag displaying the class or id attached to it.


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