Redoable 1,1 is Better than 2813

In the past few days, I have tried many different themes for my blog, Blue Zinfandel Squared Enhanced 2.0, Torn v1.0, Minimalistic1.5 1.0, and even the Garland theme customized for, and these are just the ones I remember by name. But none of these have managed to stick onto my blog for more than a day. So I have reverted back to my all-time favorite 2813 WordPress theme by

Surely you would be wondering that if I liked the 2813 theme so much why did I ever change it in the first place? The answer is that even the 2813 is not suited to my specific needs. For reasons unknown to me, Ell (2813 author) did not enable paged navigation in the theme. What this means is that if I want readers to view all my posts, I must display all of them on the home page itself. Unlike other WordPress themes, I cannot choose to display say 10 posts on the front page, and move the rest to other pages.

I am no coding guru but I did try and enable paged navigation. I asked around in the forums and even asked Ell to help me set it up. Ell did get back saying that she would look into it, but when that didn’t happen, I got frustrated and tried other themes.

As it turns out, trying other themes hasn’t helped end my frustration and I have decided to move back to 2813 theme. Though, I will have to modify my requirements and choose to display all my 15 odd posts on the front page.

Hopefully, Ell will fix this paged navigation thingy and allow me to control my blog the way I want to.

Thanks to Alpesh Nakar, I came across the the Redoable Theme for WordPress. As you can see, it is quite exquisite. It is very customizable. HJere’s how the theme customization page (only a small part of it) looks like.


Of course, a big thanks to Dean J Robinson, the guy who created this wonderful theme.

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