All My Bags are Packed I’m Ready to Go

All My Bags are Packed Iím Ready to go Jan 25, 2007 in Personal, Commentary with 0 Comments Finally the day has come for us to go up North, not for good, just a short 8-10 day trip. The motivating factor being to catch the last breath of the cold weather there and meet our families. Maybe, just maybe, catch up with old friends in Delhi and Chandigarh. But would visit Simuís definitely, His son Zoravar has been through a lot of health related hardships. Have a mixture of thought going through our minds, on one hand we are happy to meet our families, but on the other hand, going home without my mom being there is making the mood very somber. On earlier visits when mom was around, she would make my favorites dishes; Rajma, Paranthas. Halwa and whatever else I wanted to eat. Of course that is not the only reason to miss mom as much as I do. The void created by her demise is one that can never be filled up. Papa has organized a small Havan in her remembrance on 30 January, her first death anniversary.

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