Google Says: Happy Valentines Day with a Twist

Have you seen today’s Google Doodle? If not then I’ve saved it just for you: Day

Did you notice the error? No! Can’t blame you, at first I too didn’t notice that Google has misspelt itself. The “l” is missing from Google and the Google Doodle reads “Googe”

I first noticed this error yesterday afternoon and now at 03:40 AM (15th February) the same logo is still there, surely this is intentional, else somebody from Google’s army of geeks would have noticed it and got it removed.

UPDATE: The alphabet “l” isn’t missing; the stem of the strawberry is the “l”. Here’s why they did what they did:

When you look at the logo, you may worry that we forgot our name overnight, skipped a letter, or have decided that “Googe” has a better ring to it. None of the above. I just know that those with true romance and poetry in their soul will see the subtlety immediately. And if you’re feeling grouchy today, may I suggest eating a strawberry.

Couldn’t have been more subtle

Here’s what blogss from across the blogosphere have to say about this:

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