We are a working couple now :)

Great news! Dimple is joining brand-comm, a Bangalore based PR agency. No, we will not be moving to Bangalore. But yeah she will be traveling between Hyderabad and Bangalore often, at least I hope so. She will be managing brand-comm Hyderabad’s clients, one of them being Hyderabad Central. So if you have trouble getting tickets to PVR Cinemas, call us and we will see what we can do. For the unaware, let me clarify, getting tickets to watch a movie at PVR Cinemas is quite difficult. You have to be really lucky to get a couple.

OK jokes apart, this offer has come after much waiting and deliberation so we are relying on best wishes and support of our well wishers, so please keep them coming. And hey if anyone of you is passing through Hyderabad next week, please feel free to drop in at our house. Dimple won’t be around and we can get creative, you get what I mean? I’ve heard that a few dance bars have sprung up in Hyderabad, let’s check them out, shall we!

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