Men in Blue Beaten Black and Blue

The Indian cricket team has always done its bit to encourage teams from weaker cricket playing countries. They have the ability to lower the level of their game to meet that of their weaker opponents, thereby giving them a fair chance to win. This is exactly what has happened in its first match of the Cricket World Cup 2007. Compared to India, Bangladesh is worse than a Ranji team. Our Sachin Tendulkar alone has amassed more runs than the entire Bangladesh team put together.

But in this match, the awe inspiring Indian batting line-up, led by Nawab of Najafgarh Virender Sehwag could manage only a paltry 191 runs in 49 overs. The highlight being Sehwag’s humongous contribution of two .What the hell is that guy doing in the team? He has failed in his last 20 outings to the crease, but Dravid still insists that he play. When the team for the World Cup was being decided, Dravid put his foot down and ensured that Sehwag was included in the 15 member squad ahead of performing players like VVS Laxman. Mr. Captain open your eyes and face the reality, Sehwag has been given enough chances and now he must make way for others. Send Sehwag back to India to play gulli cricket and learn how to hit a ball. Yes, this might hurt the morale of the team, but without Sehwag, they will be a much better unit.

Sehwag should take inspiration from Ganguly who as captain of India, was dropped from the team and was kept out for over a year. But he did not lose heart and put his balls of steel to good use and fought his way back. Since his return, he has contributed in every single match. Its because of his 66 runs that India managed to reach 191, else who knows the target would have been reduced to just over a hundred. Hats off to him!

India isn’t the only one who’s been spanked by a weaker team, it’s neighbor Pakistan too has been knocked out of the World Cup by Ireland. This only show that past form and records don’t matter in cricket; what does matter is how a team plays on the day.

Congratulations to Bangladesh and Ireland, and shame shame to India and Pakistan.

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