India Set for Early Return Home

Yes, India’s World Cup campaign is almost over. When I when I checked the score last they were 161 for 9. One after the other, all Indian batsmen have gifted their wickets to the Sri Lankans. After hitting a big hundred against Bermuda, Sehwag thought that his bad patch was over and became complacent. Yuvraj seemed to be on a suicide mission, backing up to the middle of the pitch to take a single that just wasn’t there. What was he thinking? Even the once great Tendulkar fell cheaply, which is happening quite often these days.

See winning or losing is all part of the game, what bothers me most about India’s exit from the World Cup is the way they lose. Forget about trying to win, they don’t even try making a fight out of it. They fall like a pack of cards. This is how India is. The bottom line is that the Indian top order (Ganguly, Sachin, Dravid, and Sehwag) have about a hundred centuries between them, but today they played like kids. Their records are good enough to keep them in the team, in reality at least half of them should be dumped for good, including Sachin and Sehwag

I am really looking forward to see how the Indian news channels react to this. They are a spineless lot and will have little trouble in blasting the same team and coach, who until a few hours ago were like gods.

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