Every user manual in the world

For a technical writer, it’s a very heartening to know that there are people who like to store user manuals. Buyers regard a products user manual as “extra clutter” and dump it in the nearest dustbin without even opening it. Smart are the people who hold on to all documentation accompanying a product. eserviceinfo.com is one such smart website that has a database of so many user manuals that you not only find manuals for your own products, but also for every piece of hardware in the entire neighborhood. Looking for the required manuals isn’t too easy though. The manuals are in PDF and split into parts of 2MB, if your manual is greater than 2MB. You might have to browse many a page before you are able to download all parts of the manual. Quite cumbersome one might say. Still, a start has been made; let’s give eserviceinfo.com that at least.

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